Tourists on the Bridge in Stephen's Green
Park Benches
Autumn Walkway in Stephen's Green
Enjoying the Autumn Day
Tree Trunk and Leaves
Floating Leaf
Ivy Covered Tree Trunk
Multicoloured Leaves
Band stand in St. Stephen's Green
Leaves in the ddrinking fountain
Autumn Sunshine in St. Stephen's Green
Waking among the trees
Fountain in the Ivy Gardens
Golden leaves on a tree in the Ivy Gardens
Yellow Leaf
Fall Leaves
Autumn in the Ivy Gardens

I had my first proper walk through the parks on Saturday having returned from a trip to New York. It’s amazing the difference two weeks can make. There was a much more Autumny feel (yes, I mad up that word) and so many more of the leaves had turned a beautiful golden brown. The other thing I noticed is that the beautiful Autumn light was back for another year. I love taking photos at this time of the year, because the light in the morning is always beautiful. You get golden hour quality illumination right up till nearly mid-day. Ok, maybe not quite as good as golden hour, but because the sun is low in the sky you have a lovely glow and lovely long shadows. Anyway, enough rambling, enjoy the slideshow!

If you want to see the images larger or if you want prints you can view them here.

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