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From a young age growing up in Ireland, Thomas Fitzgerald expressed an innate curiosity about the world around him. He sought to understand how things worked and what made the world the way it was. This curiosity began to express itself as an artistic vision and an obsession into the world around him, and led to an insight into the beauty everywhere in our surroundings. He nurtured this passion and his love of cinema becoming a successful and award winning motion graphic designer and visual effects artist.

His love of all things visual though had always pushed him towards photography. The ability to capture a moment in time and freeze it for all to see became an ever increasing love and so his skills as a designer and artist bled into his love of photography. Starting out with an old manual camera and a pile of instructions books he has thought himself the technical and aesthetic disciplines of photography and he spent many hours out in the field photographing and growing artistically.

Today, Thomas is a contributing photographer for iStock Photo as well as maintaining a portfolio of Landscape and Nature photography. Still a working designer the two disciplines often cross paths and he has an eye for the less obvious abstract patterns and detail that makes up the world around us. He loves photographing the little details that often escape us in every day objects and scenes. He looks for detail and beauty in the mundane, from city buildings to old cars, sign posts and graffiti, urban decay and architectural artistry. As an Irish Photographer he has a passion for Ireland too, and his home city of Dublin, but he also loves the allure of foreign locales too and is working on building his portfolio of travel images.

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