Random Acts of Photography - The Completely Random Edition

I was going through one of my Libraries in Aperture, not really looking for anything in particular, and while perusing I began noticing images that I hadn't flagged, or done anything with that were, in their own right interesting in one way or another. Anyway, it has been a while since I did a completely random selection for my "random acts of photography" series, so without further ado, here's a completely random collection!


That is one pink building.


Say, that's a nice bike.


Impressive mural.


Ghosts. Spoooky

seagulls in sunlight

Seagulls enjoying the sun.

Streetlight reflection

"A Streetlight Reflection" - Sounds like the name of a play!

Men Working On Luas

"I know I dropped my keys down here somewhere"

Man Taking Photograph

I love the completely bored look on the guy in the carriage behind the man taking the photo

DSC 0690