Dublin In Cinemascope


I was having a little fun tonight playing around with some presets in Lightroom and going through some un-used images from an old project. While messing around I cropped an image to the cinemascope ratio (the really widescreen you see on blockbuster movies) and it looked really good, so I did it to a few more and before you know it I had a whole bunch of images which looked filmic.  I've always loved this ratio. It makes things look really dramatic and allows for some nice framing options. Unfortunately there's no way to shoot it in camera, but it's easy to set a custom aspect ratio in the crop tool in either Lightroom or Aperture. By the way, in case you were wondering, the ratio is 2.35:1 Anyway, enough babbling and on with some images! These were ones I hadn't used from my Docklands shoot a while ago with the X-Pro1, processed in Lightroom.

You can see the original docklands post here and you can see I've posted similar pictures or versions of these before, but it goes to show the difference careful cropping can make.