Two Great Video Reviews of the Fujifilm XT1

Light illuminating the bust of a statue just inside the window

The new Fuji XT–1 has been getting some great reviews. In fact, I can’t recall a camera getting such an overwhelmingly positive response over the last while. Two video reviews caught my eye recently. Well, actually, I subscribe to both of these on youTube, so when I say “Caught my eye” I really mean, popped up in my you tube feed!

The first is from the Canadian Camera Store. They have a great you tube channel and they always have good, informative reviews. Check out their one for the XT–1

The second is from my absolute favourite reviewer, Kai, from Digital Rev TV. If you’re familiar with Kai, and Digital Rev TV, then I don’t really need to say more. If you haven’t heard of them, then think Top Gear, only with cameras.

Photo of the Day

In the spirit of Fujifilm, my "photo of the day" today was a shot I took with my little XE1 last week. I was getting off the tram into the city and I noticed that the light was falling in a little patch through the window of the old Georgian building (It’s actually the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin) that’s just at the tram stop. The beam of winter sunlight was just shining through the window in just the right spot to illuminate the bust that was inside.

Light illuminating the bust of a statue just inside the window

Taken with a Fuji XE1 - Fuji 35mm - Click Here for a Limited Edition Print

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