Some Lost Photos of Dublin - Re-Processed in Film Candy

Grand Canal and Barges

Ok, so this was an odd discovery. When I was updating my website over the weekend, I came across an old post with some nice images taken around the canals in Dublin. I suddenly realised that I hadn't seen these pictures in a while so I went to look for them in my Lightroom library, and sure enough no sign of them there. I had combined several of my old Libraries into one big one a while ago, so, it occurred to me that maybe I'd missed something. A laborious process of going through archives and opening up old Lightroom Libraries eventually led tot he culprit. I had missed the Lightroom 5 Beta library that I had been using to test Lightroom 5 when it was still in beta. I was pleasantly surprised to find quiet a few images in the Library that I'd forgotten about. Many of these hadn't been really post processed properly so it gave me a chance to try out the finished version of Film Candy on a few (shameless plug). It also gives me a chance to try out one of the new features of the re-designed website, which is the gallery function. The template has a nice embedded gallery / slide show function which is nice for posts like this, although I generally prefer images embedded in the post for more details. It has a nice user interface for managing the images on the Wordpress side of things too. The only downside is that it crops vertical images, so that's something I need to work on

I'm working on a full post on the new website, where I got the base theme, how I modified it and why I went with the new design.

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