The End of the Road for Aperture


As many of my long time readers and followers know I’ve long been a proponent and advocate of Apple’s Aperture. I write and publish “The Aperture Blog”, a website dedicated to Aperture and last year I released a book “Mastering Aperture” for Aperture users. Despite this, I’ve been mostly using Lightroom for the last year or so. The main reason for this was that Aperture had fallen further and further behind in terms of imaging technology as Apple hasn’t given the software a major update in several years. Finally on friday, in a typical move by firms (and politicians) who want to get bad news out, the company announced that they were killing the software.

On the one hand I’m sad to see it go like this, but I’m not at all surprised. The writing’s been on the wall for Aperture for some time. It’s a shame, but that’s unfortunately the nature of things. I have a big post over on my Aperture Blog with my thoughts on the announcements and what it means for both Aperture users and what it means for me, and the Aperture blog.

Introducing the Lightroom Diary


I’ve actually been working on this for a while, but Apple’s announcement has forced me to move up my timetable. I’ve started a new blog called “The Lightroom Diary”. Basically it will be a blog for and about Lightroom. I’ve already got it up and running and I’ve already got lots of content on it.

I’ve been writing about Lightroom on this blog for a while now and that’s not going to change. But for people who want a site dedicated to Lightroom without any of the other stuff I publish here, I’m going to use this new site. I’ve republished many of my Lightroom posts form this blog on the Lightroom Diary as a starting point. It will evolve as time goes by, but for the moment I’ll probably be dual posting any Lightroom articles I write here. Over time I want to be able to do for Lightroom users what I’ve done for Aperture users over the years, and that’s to provide my own unique spin on the software, especially for switchers from Aperture.