Some Great Photography Material on iTunes U


I’m always on the look out for great photographic learning material. I think it’s one of those subjects where you never stop learning, and even if you are happy with your technical skills, it’s always good to hear from other photographers and learn how various different people have progressed the art in their own way. Recently, I began thinking that I would like to brush up on photographic theory, history and philosophy, and for some reason it occurred to me to check out iTunes U.

If you haven’t heard of iTunes U before it’s Apple’s learning and education initiate. It consists of an App for iOS devices and educational institutions can make course material and lectures available through the app. You can download a course and either view the material or in some cases actually participate in a class. Even if you don’t have an iOS device or even a mac, you can still access some of the material through iTunes.


While searching for Photography I came across some really great content. There are several collections of lectures from various photographers, but my personal favourite is the National Geographic “Masters of Photography” series, which is a whole series of interviews, varying in length from a few minutes to half an hour, with various National Geographic Photographers.

Another great series is from the Academy of Art University and consists of a series of Lectures (in video format) from various Photographers speaking of their experience.

Another similar set is from the MIT open Courseware Library and also consists of a series of recorded lectures (these look a bit older!)

That’s just a quick selection that I found interesting. There’s lots more there if you look. You can see it by going to the iTunes Store and clicking on the iTunes U tab and searching for photography, or if you are on an iPad or an iPhone and you have the iTunes U app, just go into the catalogue and search for Photography. It’s great to have access to resources like this all for free. It obviously won’t suit everyone, but still, if it’s something that you think might interest you, check it out.