Random Acts of Photography - Street Photography Update Edition

It’s a beautiful monday morning here in Dublin today, and to get the week started it’s time for another edition of Random Acts of Photography. I’ve been doing a lot of Street Photography recently, or photography that could roughly be called street photography. Either way, the photos have been piling up, and so I thought I’d share a few of my recent ones….at random of course!

These were shot on a mix of cameras in a variety of places. There’s a good bit of Fuji X-E1, a little Sony Nex–7, some Nikon D700 and a dash of Canon 5D. (Yes, I have too many cameras!). Locations include various places around Dublin and some of the streets of Galway city too. Speaking of street photography, my “Streets of Dublin” project is still getting lots of attention. We’re heading for 10,000 followers on Facebook, and there’s lots of interaction with people too. I seem to have really struck a chord with people. It’s a combination of Street and Cityscape photography and people seem to like what I’m doing so if you haven’t checked it out already, and you’re interested in Ireland or Dublin [specifically, then please stop by](It’s a combination of Street and Cityscape photography and people seem to like what I’m doing) (and visit the website too!)

In the mean time, enjoy this weeks “Random Acts”, as always, presented without comment:


Galway Streets

Galway City


Tourists in Dublin

Walking by an old building

A Message on a Wall


More Guinness


Walking with purpose


Which way to McDonalds?

Waiting for a  Bus


Bacon Jokes


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