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20 Photography Related Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

20 Photography Related Blogs to Follow for Inspiration


weblinks-mockup-bulbs I have a folder of links in my Safari toolbar of the blogs of several photographers and photography related websites that I follow regularly. Most are people who I regularly turn to for inspiration, both from their work and from their writing. I realised that I had reached a nice round number of them, so I thought I'd share them.

I used to follow most of these using RSS but I found that often I would ignore most of the updates, and I would frequently miss good posts, so nowI keep them all in a folder in my browsers toolbar, and then I usually open a new window and then open the whole folder as tabs. It's a handy way to start your photographic inspiration each day. So, in no particular order (other than the order I bookmarked them originally) here are the links:

1. The Ski Report by Matt Kloskowski This is the personal blog of Photoshop User TV Regular, Co Host of the Grid and Lightroom Magazine Editor, Matt  Kloskowski. His blog covers a lot of different topics, and  he has been posting some really nice landscape pictures recently. I'm a big fan of Matt's and his personal site is well worth a read

2. Scott Kelby You have more than likely heard of Scott Kelby by now. If you haven't he's an author, Photoshop expert and great photographer. He runs Kelby media, Kelby Training and many other enterprises that have his name on them. His blog is a great read and full of useful information.

3. Flixel Pix by David Clealand David is a photographer from Northern Ireland and he has some great photography on his blog. He was one of the first adopters of the Fuji X-Pro 1 (that's how I came across his work) and he regularly writes about fuji related topics, as well as his other work. I highly recommend checking out his blog.

4. Zack Arias Zack is another world renowned photographer and his blog is full of insights into his way of thinking and working. He doesn't update it that often, but when he does it's usually worth the wait. He's another Fuji convert, and has been talking up the X100s a lot recently

5. Photography Q&A By Zack Arias This is a little side project of Zack's and it's really great. It's a tumblr blog where he answers questions from readers (using tumblr's ask a question feature). He's compiled hundreds of tips on this tumblr and he's even brought out a book based on the blog.

6. My Life in Pictures by Danny Bligh A great blog focussing on street and lifestyle photography. Danny is another X-Pro 1 user but he also regularly posts iPhone pictures. It's this blog that first introduced me to the wonders of VSCO film.

7. Things I See by Robert Paul Jansen Great photoblog by dutch photographer Robert Paul Jansen. It's mostly just comment free photography, and it's a great source of inspiration, or even just nice pictures to look at!

8. Johnny Patience A great blog by Irish based photographer Johnny Patience. It features a lot of lifestyle photography and his work has a lovely unique look to it. He's been shooting a lot of film lately and the images are just gorgeous.

9. Jose Villa Jose is an amazing Wedding Photographer. He shoots mostly film, and his images have a beautiful pastel quality that has to be seen. Always a source of beautiful pictures

10. Ryan Brenizer Ryan is a world renowned wedding photographer and his photography is amazing. His style is quite different from the south coast hollywood wedding style that seems to be popular at the moment, instead going for a more dramatic and impactful look. He's based in New York and many of the wedding shoots he posts are based in New York too, giving you some remarkable images, not only of great wedding ceremonies, but also some unique aspects of Manhattan and its surroundings.

11. Joe McNally Joe is my favourite photographer of all time, and is probably my biggest source of inspiration. He's a renowned photographer who has worked for Time, Life and National Geographic. The chances are, even if you haven't heard of Joe, you've seen his work. He's a great teacher too, and has one excellent books as well as training videos. He's the master of the portable flash, and his elaborate lighting rigs are legendary.

12 James Duncan Davidson James is a software developer and a photographer, and he's most known for his work photographing TED and other conferences. His blog has some amazing travel photography as well as lots of other topics, and lately he's been shooting some amazing images with the diminutive Sony RX-1.

13. Steve Huff Photo Steve is a prolific blogger and rangefinder and Leica fan. If you like mirror less or Leica, his blog is a great place for information

14. VSCO Journal This isn't the blog of a single photographer, but rather the official blog of the Visual Supply company who make some great presets for Lightroom, Photoshop and so on. Their blog showcases the work of photographers who use their products and always has some great work to look at, as well as interviews with photographers. It's well worth checking out.

15 Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff This is a great travel photography blog by Trey Ratcliff. He has lots of great photography from all over the world, and publishes quite regularly.

16. The RX1 Files This is a collection of Photographs taken with the Sony RX1. It has some really amazing imagery, and even if you're not that interested in the camera, it's worth checking out for the great photography.

17. Fro Knows Photo An interesting blog from Jared Polin. He talks a lot about gear and techniques, and he does a lot of his blogging through videos.

18. The Digital Story Blog (and podcast) by Derrick Story. He is a writer and a trainer and his classes are on Lynda.com. He has a lot of good tips and techniques on the blog, and his podcast is quite enjoyable too.

19. Digital Mastery by Ben Wilmore Another great photo blog featuring the work of travelling photographer and photoshop expert Ben Willmore.

20. About RC by RC Conception Another great blog from Photoshop expert, and Kelby training trainer (as well as regular on several of Kelby Media's podcasts)

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