I’m on Patreon

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just launched a Patreon Membership Page. For a while now, people have been asking me for a way to support the site and the things that I do, and while I’ve had a great response to the eBooks and Presets that I publish, they’re not for everyone. aWith that in mind, I wanted to create a way for anyone who wants to support my photography writing, and the research that I do, in a reasonable way. 

Video: Recreating a Panorama in Lightroom and Photoshop

Recently I was going through some old blog posts, and I came across a Panorama image that I really liked. Unfortunately, I had lost the original high res versions, and all I had left was the low res one that was posted to the website. However, I managed to find the original Raw files that I used to create the image, and so in this video I show you how I re-created the Panorama in Lightroom and Photoshop

Trying out a Nikon D800 - Part 1: Video

I recently had the opportunity to borrow a friend’s Nikon D800. While the D800 is an older camera now at this stage, I was keen to try it out, as I love my D700 and I wanted to see how it performed. I had borrowed it before, but not for as long. The lat time I had it I had shot a very short sequence of video, and I was impressed. This time I wanted to shoot a bit more video and see how good it was, more for curiosity than anything.

On1 Raw Updated to 2017.5

Yesterday, On1 released a major update to their On1 Raw software, that they are marketing as a Lightroom alternative. The new release adds some much-needed features and changes a few things in the software. It is a fairly major update, and I did a little testing after it was announced. Here are some initial findings.

Introducing Industrial Iron for Lightroom

I’m happy to announce that my latest set of Lightroom Presets, Industrial Iron, are now available. I teased these a few weeks ago, and they’re now ready for launch. This Idea for Industrial Iron came about when I was processing some images of a German townscape that I took on a dull and rainy day. I had wanted to create a look that was industrial, and spoke of urban decay, and this is what I came up with. 

Luminar as a Nik Software Alternative

Last week Google announced that it would no longer update the Nik software suite that it acquired some time ago. The Nik collection has long been a staple of many photographers over the years and it offered some excellent tools for both creating black and white images with Silver Efex Pro, and also for enhancing colour images with Colour Efex. I have been using the software since it was owned by an independent company, and I even paid the full price for it back in the day. While I’m sad to see it go, I hadn’t been using it for a while anyway, as my main go-to plug in now is MacPhun’s Luminar.

X-Trans Capture One Guide Updated with Supplement for 10.1

When Capture One was recently updated to 10.1 they made some significant changes to the way X-Trans files are supported. I have been in a bit of a quandary as to what to do about my Capture One X-Trans guide. I originally wrote this quite some time ago now, and it was several versions ago. I have kept updating it, but it was getting a bit messy. I am planning to do a completely new version, for just 10.1, and structuring the guide differently. However, I didn’t want to leave existing readers hanging either. With that in mind I’ve created a supplement for 10.1 and it is included free with the existing guide.

My Presets for Aurora HDR now available

I’ve been working with the excellent AuroraHDR from MacPhun for some time now, and slowly I’ve been building a collection of presets to use with the software. I’m delighted to say that they’re now available. The pack includes a collection of 22 presets. The included looks are designed to cover a wide variety of styles, and include more traditional, artistic style looks as well as more natural looking styles. The pack also contains some presets designed to work with single image HDR files, and also some black and white HDR looks. 

Editorial: (Un) Social Media

We’re constantly being told that social media is the key to running any good online presence, especially for artists an creators. As a photographer, I’m constantly reading articles about how important social media is, and how you need to grow your followers and constantly post or your online presence will wither and die. Even if you’re not a professional, social media has become so pervasive in our online lives that it’s fair to say that a large part of the internet is dependent on it.

Video: Shooting with the SonyA6000 and Adapted Lenses

A while ago I attempted my first “blog” style video, where I filmed myself shooting street photography and editing the results. I’ve done another similar video and in this one I spent some time shooting with the Sony A6000 using adapted lenses. I used two different lenses on this shoot: an old Nikon 105mm f2/2.8 macro lens, and a Canon 17-40 f/4 L wide angle lens. I started in a local park shooting some flowers and then did a little bit of street photography too.

Sony A6000 and Canon 5D: Second Hand Cameras for Street Photography

I recently watched a video on YouTube where the use of a SonyA6000 was discussed as a low cost entry into shooting video. In the video they acquired an A6000 second hand for a very reasonable price, and it got me thinking that this makes a really good entry level camera for street photography. I have kept a lot of my old cameras over the years, and it got me thinking as to what else would work well too. So after doing a bit of research, here are my two suggestions. 

Video: Using Selective Colour Tools in Capture One

One of the cool things about Capture One Pro is the software’s pretty advanced colour editing and selection tools. In this short video, I wanted to show you just one small example of using some of those tools. In this example, I use the individual colour selection function to change the background colour of the image, and I also show you how to create a new layer based on your colour selection.


Fuji X-Trans Guide eBook Bundle now Available

Based on popular request, I’ve created a bundle of all four of my current Fuji X-Trans post processing guides. The guides cover Capture One, Lightroom, Iridient Developer and Iridient X-Transformer. This bundle contains all 4 of these guides and is a little cheaper than buying them separately

Street Photo Diary, Issue 27: Walking with a purpose

A few weeks ago, I was up and out early into the city to shoot some things for my Streets of Dublin project, and while I was there I ended up shooting a lot of street photography too. What was funny though was that, as it was early in the morning, people were heading to work and the mood was quite different from how it is later in the day. For a start everyone was walking with haste and with a real sense of purpose.


A Few Updates

I’ve been a bit out of the loop the last few days, as I’ve been dealing with a nasty bronchitis bug that has decided to pick the worst possible time to take me out of action. I was supposed to be travelling, but Instead I’m feeling sorry for myself and enjoying a tasty diet of antibiotics and lemsip. I was trying to keep my blog updated, and store ticking over, so if I’m slow in responding to comments please forgive me! I have managed to do a few things though, and so, here are a few updates:

Travel Diary Issue 2: A Beautiful German City

In the previous issue of my travel diary, I talked about visiting the German city of Darmstadt on a dull day. I had deliberately gone for an industrial and rigid look to the photos for that piece, to enhance the mood of the dull weather. While this certainly suited the atmosphere, it does perhaps misrepresent the town of Darmstadt. During on the rest of my time there, the sun was out and the feeling couldn’t be more different. It’s actually a lovely city and a very green one.