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Georgetown, Washington DC

Over the last little while I’ve been trying to sort out some of the ever sprawling mess that is my photo library. While sorting through a drive falloff images, I found a lot that I had either forgotten about or wasn’t happy with the way that I had originally processed them. One  particular set was from a trip I trip I took to Washington DC a few years ago, and in particular to the beautiful suburb of Georgetown. 

More Adventures in Heppenheim

Last week I posted some black and white photos from my time in the little town of Heppenheim in the German countryside. I had taken a lot more photographs while I was there and I’ve finally had the time to go through them to my satisfaction. The residents of this sleepy little town clearly lit as you can see a real sense of pride in the way the buildings are adorned with flowers and decorations. Photos were taken with a Fuji X-Pro 2 and Nikon D700


Last week I was travelling in Germany and I got to spend some time in the beautiful town of Heppenheim. Heppenheim is a little town about 40 minutes outside of Frankfurt and is filled with some really pretty medieval buildings. I had been there last year too and I had gotten some nice shots, but this time I was trying to do things a little differently, and so I was focussed more on the details. Images were taken with the Fuji X-Pro 2.

London's Borough Market: Processing DSLR images on an iPhone with VSCO Cam via Apple Photos on the Mac!

Ok, that headline is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s better than some of the others I’ve been thinking about for this post. Basically, I’ve been doing something that’s probably a bit silly from a workflow point of view, but is actually a bit of fun and is producing some interesting results. Basically, I’ve been using VSCO Cam on the iPhone to process some of the images I shot in London on my Nikon D700.

On the road in London

I've been travelling a bit for the last few days and I got to spend some time in London. I've only been in London a few times before and every time I've enjoyed it (well, except tat one time I wasn't well) . This time we decided to stay on the south bank and we had a lovely time. The weather was very mild, and it only rained once. It has been very warm for this time of year, ranging between 12-14 degrees Celsius. We only had a few days, but we managed to pack in as much as possible, including an incredible tour of the BBC and a trip to the top of the Shard. Of course, I took as many photos as possible!

Photo Wander


I’ve started a little experiment that I wanted to share with you. I’m working on some tutorials on how to photoblog, and as part of my research I’ve been trying out various platforms. One service that was missing from my repertoire was a blog. Unlike a self hosted Wordpress installation, a blog is fully hosted, and is kind of more like Tumblr. I was curious to see how the platform worked, and how it differed from a self hosted Wordpress install, so I set up a blog to test it out. The blog in question is called Photo Wander

Heppenheim, Germany

After my trip to Berlin last week, my wife and I travelled by train to Frankfurt and then on to the picturesque town of Heppenheim. This sleepy little hamlet is nestled in the hills of southern Germany among vineyards and forests and is a beautiful setting with gorgeous old medieval buildings and according to Wikipedia, the town has 408 cultural monuments that are under monumental protection.

A Few Days in Berlin

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Berlin for a few days as part of a trip to Germany. Berlin is a city that I've always wanted to visit, as it has a reputation for attracting both artists and funky technology startups. I had also heard that it has a somewhat bohemian vibe to it. I was not disappointed. While I wasn't there specifically to photograph, I couldn't not shoot really. I wasn't able to see as much of the city as I would like to, but what I did see was great.

Oslo with the X100, VSCO Cam

I've recently been going through some of my older images, and re-processing some photos that I'd never been particularly happy with. One such set was some of the images I took when I was in Oslo a few years ago with the X100. I was using the little Fuji as a back-up camera at the time, and I've never really done anything with the files properly. I had done some rough processing in Aperture, but I hadn't given them the love they deserved, so I decided to import the project into Lightroom and re-process a few of them.

My attempt at shooting film

I had brought my film camera with me on my recent holiday to Nice with the intention of shooting some film when there. I’m not a newbie to shooting film, I used to shoot film all the time, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done it and a lot of things have changed since then. I’ve gotten pretty rusty too. When I used to use film predominantly, I mostly shot Kodak Elite Chrome (transparency film). I would get it developed in a pro lab in Dublin, and I would scan it myself on my Canon film scanner. Elite Chrome is now gone and so is the pro lab I used to use. In fact it’s surprisingly difficult, and expensive to get film developed properly in Ireland any more. Several attempts that I’ve made in recent years have been pretty bad, with the film being severely scratched and damaged by various labs. However, with the resurgence lately I wanted to give it another try, and with a holiday to an exotic location as the ideal excuse, I thought why not give it a go.

Nice, France by iPhone

I recently took some time off to have a well deserved holiday in the beautiful seaside city of Nice in the south of France. Normally when I travel I take an assortment of cameras, with the main one usually being my D700 with 28-300 lens. However, as the primary purpose of this trip was to relax and unwind, I wanted to travel light and, to be honest, I had considered not taking any cameras and just enjoying the sunshine. Of course, the photographer inside me wouldn't let that happen! I decided to bring my X-E1 and an old Film camera, but I ended up taking most of my pictures with my iPhone.