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The Sounds of Dublin City - An Experiment in Audiotography

I had this idea a while ago that I have been keen to try out for a while, but I only recently managed to do it. I have some colleagues who are visually impaired, and I was thinking about how people use photography as a way to collect memories of a trip or a momentous occasion, and I wondered what the equivalent might be for someone who was visually impaired. So I had the idea to try recording a soundscape.

Shadows & Feet

The other day I was sitting in the window at one of my regular Starbucks pit-stops, and I was trying to write some content for my blog, but I was struck by a bad case of writers block. I was sitting there staring out the window hoping for creativity, and then I began playing with my camera while I sipped my coffee.

Street Photo Diary No. 13

I wrote in my last two street photography diary posts about how I was finding it difficult to keep inspired lately. In my continued effort to overcome it, I've tried to shake up my routine. Previously  I'd talked about going to different places, but this time my goal was to try and take different shots. I set out to try and get more abstract images, and I think it's kind of paid off.


There's a stretch of walkway that runs along by the canal that has a regular metal railing. The position of this fence is such that in the morning, when the sun is shining you get really strong shadows of the bars on the bright concrete slabs that make up the walkway...