VSCO Film alternatives

Since VSCCO Film was discontinued at the start of this year, I’ve been looking for alternatives to recommend to people who want to create a realistic film effect. While I do have some film like presets of my own, they are mostly designed as an artistic interpretation of film. For those looking for accurate and highly regarded film simulations for Lightroom, there are a couple of solutions.

K&F Concept ND Filter Review

In this second part of my review of K&F Concept’s new filters, I look at the two Variable ND filters the company sent me to try out. Both filters are variable neutral density filters, and they were of two different ranges of ND. To test them out, I set out to try capturing some long exposures in a large park near to where I live.

Get Aperture to run on MacOS Catalina with this hack!

There are still people using Apple’s long discontinued Aperture app, and as an early proponent of this application, I can understand why. Despite all the competition out there, there are still things that Aperture did better than most of the current applications. When Catalina was recently launched, it spelled the end for Aperture, as the software would no longer run on the new operating system. However, a clever programmer has come up with a solution.

A Preview of the new Interface for Luminar 4

With Luminar 4, Skylum is significantly changing the interface for the software. I’ve been using the beta version for a little while, so I wanted to give you a first look at how the interface has changed. Bear in mind that the software is still beta so some things could well change before the final release.

Video: Photographing Autumn in Dublin City

In this video I went for a wander with my camera around Dublin City to show that you don’t need to go to the countryside to photograph the wonders of Autumn. If you live in a city there’s plenty of Autumn colours and scenes all around you. If you liked my “Street Photo Diary” series, this is basically the same formulae only without the street photography!

A Complete Guide to Styles and Presets in Capture One

At its simplest, Styles and Presets in Capture One may just seem like a variation of what would be Develop Module presets in Lightroom, but they offer a number of distinct advantages. Getting to know how to create, manage and work with styles and presets can be a significant workflow enhancement in Capture One, and so what follows is an extensive guide to one of the software’s key features.

Possible Lightroom Classic Preview Bug and How to Fix It

This is a super quick tip for Lightroom classic users. Over the past while, something has been bothering me about Lightroom. When working on images, especially in the develop module, I noticed that the display seemed soft, and if you looked closely you could see some scaling artefacts. This hadn’t always been the way, and I couldn’t figure out if it was a recent version that brought it back, but it had been driving me mad. It turns out the solution was really simple.