Lightroom CC and Classic Updates

Adobe has issued some updates for both version of Lightroom today, and they add a few new features as well as the usual round of new camera support. Of particular note, Lightroom CC now gets some of the features that were missing, including a point curve tool, and a split tone tool. Of note in the new camera compatibility, is the addition of Sony A7RIII raw file support.

The Current State of Lightroom Alternatives

There has been a lot of talk lately about Lightroom alternatives. Much of this has been amplified by disquiet over the recent decision of Adobe to go subscription only, although there have been grumblings about this for a while. A lot of people are looking for alternatives because of this, and many people are making claims that x software will replace Lightroom and so on. Unfortunately because of the internet echo chamber, many of these claims are either untrue, out only true for specific purposes. 


Applying Styles to a Layer in Capture One 11

One of the key new features of Capture One 11 is the new layers system. As I mentioned in my first look at the software, it’s a really useful features, especially when it comes to applying creative looks to your image. You can do your creative editing on a new layer, and then use the opacity slider to fade the results, controlling the overall look. I really wanted to be able to apply a style to a new layer, but at first it wasn’t obvious how to do so. I figured it out though, and so here’s what to do.

Store Problems

I have had to temporarily disable sales on my online store as a technical problem has occurred that is affecting payment processing. I am working with the server administrators in my hosting company to resolve the issue, but in order to prevent any problems with customer purchases I am disabling sales until I can find a solution. I am also putting backup plan into place should this take too long to resolve.

Capture One 11

Yesterday Phase One released the newest version of Capture One, Capture One 11. This new update features several major new features as well as some changes under the hood. The biggest difference in the upgrade is the new layers system, but there are also a lot of little features too.

How to add a front facing screen to the Sony A6000 for £100

I’m really enjoying shooting more Vlog style videos recently, and i’ve been trying a few different options for recording. All of the cameras that I have that record video, have some limitations, but I didn’t want to have to buy a new camera, and so I wanted to try and make the best with what I have. Of all of the models that I have that shoot video, I prefer the A6000 for this kind of thing, but it lacks a front facing screen. After a bit of research I found a really cheap option on Amazon. 

Using Luminar 2018 for Fuji Files. A Basic Overview

As many of my readers shoot with Fuji cameras, and many of you have expressed an interest in using Luminar 2018 for processing Fuji files, I wanted to give an overview of what I think is the best way to work with Fuji files currently. This is just an overview, and doesn’t go into a huge amount of detail. I am planning do a proper guide for this, but for now, this is a basic outline of what you need to know. 

Free Lightroom CC Tools Booster Pack

Ever since Lightroom CC was announced - The new cloud based cut down desktop version - not to be confused with the old normal version - I have been thinking about ways to get around some of its limitations. The solution was to create a set of presets that allowed you to apply some of the effects that Lightroom CC is missing. 

Video - Street Photo Diary: Episode 1

For a while now, I’ve been running a series of posts here on this blog called “Street Photo Diary”. I’ve also been practicing and testing various setups to allow me to produce “Vlog” style videos. After much testing and messing up, I have finally come up with a reasonable setup and idea, and that is to make a video version of my “Street Photo Diary” series. And so, a new monthly (for now) video series is born, also called “Street Photo Diary” !

Shooting Dragons in the Dark: A Night in the Zoo

There is a pretty amazing exhibit on in Dublin Zoo at the moment. The “Wild Lights” experience, is an art show of sorts, featuring animal shaped lanterns which are all around the zoo, mimicking a real zoo experience, only in lights. The artwork was created by a group of china artists, and is really something to behold. My wife and I recently paid a visit to see the exhibit and it was amazing.

Video: Luminar 2018 Q&A

As promised, here is the Luminar questions and answers video that I talked about last week. I tried to answer as any of the questions that I’ve received regarding the upcoming release of Luminar 2018 as possible in this video, although I may have missed a few (and I didn’t want to make it too long)

An attempt at Street Photo Vlogging that didn’t go so well

I was out shooting some street photography the other day, and I was also doing some testing on a few different things. I wanted to try out some different settings for doing “VLOG” style videos, and I still have the RX100 that I borrowed, so I figured I would try that. Unfortunately, it was also really cold and breezy, and while the picture from the RX100 is great, the sound, not so much.

Street Photography in Acros: Fuji X-Pro2 Straight from the Camera

As part of my ongoing Fuji Jpeg book project (which is progressing - but still a little bit away) I recently set about working on some recipes for getting various looks. One of the main things I wanted to try, was to see if I could get something similar to “street pan” in look. This is a type of film that gives you high contrast black and white and is a popular “look” with photographers who shoot street photography on film.