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Film Lux 3 Now Available

Just a quick update on yesterday’s post: FilmLUX 3 is now available from my digital download store. FilmLUX 3 is a set of presets for Lightroom 8 or later and Photoshop CC 2019 or later. It was handcrafted by carefully studying the properties of various film stocks and creating my own version. It is designed to create a colour film look that is inspired by scanned film, although it isn’t intended to be a direct emulation of any particular film stock, but rather my own set of “virtual” films. 

How to use presets on Lightroom Mobile

Adobe recently introduced a new feature for the mobile version of Lightroom CC that people had been requesting for a long time, and that is the ability to use presets. What’s more, they also added preset syncing between the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom CC. You can now use all of your Lightroom presets, and profiles on your mobile device, and the process is fairly simple. You will however need to use Lightroom CC on the desktop. You will also need a creative cloud subscription.

Introducing Industrial Iron for Lightroom

I’m happy to announce that my latest set of Lightroom Presets, Industrial Iron, are now available. I teased these a few weeks ago, and they’re now ready for launch. This Idea for Industrial Iron came about when I was processing some images of a German townscape that I took on a dull and rainy day. I had wanted to create a look that was industrial, and spoke of urban decay, and this is what I came up with. 

FilmLUX 2 Now Available

I’m delighted to announce that my latest set of Lightroom Presets, FilmLUX 2 is now available. FilmLUX 2 was designed to create a subtle “film” like look to digital images, without them looking overly processed. With many presets, and even when processing manually, it can be easy to take your images too far and have them look like they’ve been heavily treated. With FilmLUX 2 I wanted to create a set of looks, that could enhance an image without it looking like you’ve done an extensive amount of work to it. 

Enhancing Autumn Images with Landscape Gold for Lightroom

A while ago I created a set of Lightroom presets called “Landscape Gold”. In fact, I had originally created the set for Aperture, and it was one of my more popular sets. The idea was to add a “golden” touch to landscape images, and it’s particularly effective at this time of the year. With all the autumn colours, Landscape gold can work well to give them an additional sheen (pardon the pun) and in this post, I’ll give you some examples as well as some tips for working with the presets

A Sneak Peek at QuickLux 2

I’ve been busy working on my March set of Lightroom Presets, and they’re nearly ready. I’m really happy with how these are turning out, so I wanted to share some of the testing with you. Basically, the next set will be a sequel to QuickLux. Unimaginatively called QuickLux 2, it will, like the first set of QuickLux presets, include some of my personal artists interpretation of negative, and transparency films.

About My Setup Presets and How to Use Them

If you've purchased any of my presets packs, you've found that most of them come with a set of "Setup Presets" and may have been wondering just what exactly they are and how to use them. While there are instructions in the read me files included with most of the presets, some users are still finding them a bit confusing, so here is a more detailed description and short explanation on how to use the setup presets.

A Sneak Peek at MonoLux for Lightroom

A sneak peek at my upcoming set of monochrome Lightroom Presets, MonoLux. MonoLux will be one of my new smaller packs, like Coffee Tones. I have a number of different looks and variations in the pack including some faded looks (which you can see examples of below), and also some special effects (Just for fun).