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QuickLUX 2 for Lightroom Now Available

QuickLUX 2 for Lightroom Now Available

QuickLUX 2 for Lightroom Now Available

I'm happy to announce that my next set of Lightroom Presets, QuickLUX 2 is now available. QuickLUX 2 is a sequel to the popular QuickLUX set of presets that started out on Aperture, and became one of my first, and most popular Lightroom sets.

I've actually been working on QuickLUX 2 for over a year. I've had various versions in my develop module presets folder for a long time, and I've gone through lots of iterations during the development process. I think the results are worthy of the original QuickLUX name and I hope you'll be happy too.

QuickLUX 2 is a set of creative colour, filmic presets for Lightroom. The set was inspired by various popular film like styles. These looks are artist impressions of these various film styles, rather than trying to emulate exact film stocks. There are 30 main presets in the set with a couple of alternative versions. The pack also includes my standard Setup presets as well as a pack of handy vignetter, grad and grain presets.

QuickLUX 2 is available now. The normal price is €10, but for the next week it will be on the special launch price of just €8 (until 27th March)

Some details of the included looks

Here is a breakdown of the included "styles" in QuickLUX 2

QNeg-Basic (4 Presets)
These set of 4 presets are designed to mimic a stylised image shot on colour negative film. The look was inspired by the popular "woodsman" genre of lifestyle magazine images. It has a slightly muted colour palette with emphasis on browns and greens, and works particularly well on images shot on dull or cloudy days.

QNeg-Faded (5 Presets)
These are a set of looks, which have a similar palette to QNeg basic but are designed to emulate "Faded" film. They have raised black levels, and each variation has a slightly different colour treatment as well as different contrast levels.

QNeg-Medium (3 Presets, 3 alternative versions)
QNeg Medium was inspired by the bright look of film photography shot on Medium format film. The look has bright rich colours with subtle muted tones in the highlights.

QNeg-Mono (4 Presets)
QNeg Mono is a set of black and white presets. They are designed to look like film with a degree of contrast, but some also have a slightly faded look to them.

QNeg-Retro (2 Presets)
QNeg Retro was created to give a look inspired by expired film. It has altered colours and a more "bleached" looking colour palette.

QTrans-Basic (5 Presets)
The QTrans looks are inspired by the look of transparency film. they have stronger blacks and more contrast than the Negative versions. Each variation has slightly different colours and contrasts, as well as various levels of vignetting

QTrans-Retro (4 Presets)
These presets are designed to look like older films, and have more treated colours and contrast levels, as well as some muted colours in some of the versions.

QTrans-Strong (2 Presets)
These are "vivid" versions of the QTrans presets.

Some Examples of QuickLUX 2 in Action

Here are some examples of QuickLUX 2 in action. For more details and more examples, please see the product page on the download store.

Lightroom CC2015.5 and Lightroom 6.5 Now Available

Lightroom CC2015.5 and Lightroom 6.5 Now Available

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