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A Few Updates

I’ve been a bit out of the loop the last few days, as I’ve been dealing with a nasty bronchitis bug that has decided to pick the worst possible time to take me out of action. I was supposed to be travelling, but Instead I’m feeling sorry for myself and enjoying a tasty diet of antibiotics and lemsip. I was trying to keep my blog updated, and store ticking over, so if I’m slow in responding to comments please forgive me! I have managed to do a few things though, and so, here are a few updates:

Things to photograph when you're stuck at home: Toy Photography

Having been pretty much home bound for the past two weeks thanks to a nasty chest infection, I’ve been going slightly crazy from cabin fever! I’ve been having the urge to photography something….anything at this point, and this got me thinking about things to photograph when you’re stuck at home, and in particular something I had been dabbling in recently: toy photography.