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A Few Updates

A Few Updates

I’ve been a bit out of the loop the last few days, as I’ve been dealing with a nasty bronchitis bug that has decided to pick the worst possible time to take me out of action. I was supposed to be travelling, but Instead I’m feeling sorry for myself and enjoying a tasty diet of antibiotics and lemsip. I was trying to keep my blog updated, and store ticking over, so if I’m slow in responding to comments please forgive me! I have managed to do a few things though, and so, here are a few updates:

X-Transformer Book First Update Now Available

I’ve just published the first update to my X-Transformer guide. This update is free to anyone who has already purchased the book. It contains a number of fixes for a few mistakes that made it through (sorry about that!). I’ve also added a few extra sections based on feedback from readers of the first version. Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed:

  1. Fixed some typos
  2. Added Missing Panel In lens corrections section
  3. Added section on Saving out Metadata from Lightroom
  4. Added notes on possible PC limitations to using drag and drop
  5. Fixed incorrect naming of menu item for saving metadata to disk
  6. Added additional workflow
  7. Added some suggestions for using the files with Capture One 10.1
  8. Added table of contents and improved the layout
  9. Now 35 pages

I want to thank everyone who purchased the guide. The response was far greater than I was expecting. I also want to thank everyone who sent feedback, which has helped improve it, and I hope will continue to improve it going forward.

If you already purchased the guide, the update is available in your Downloads page under “your account” on my digital download store. It’s labelled with the postfix 1.1. For full details on how to upgrade see this post on my help centre:

How to Re-Download your Previous Purchases or Get Updated Products

Discussion and Community

Speaking of the help centre, I’ve added a new “Community” section to the help centre courtesy of the latest round of Zendesk updates. This is a kind of user forum, and so if you want to discuss the guide and make suggestions for future versions, or ask questions, you can do it there. I may not be able to answer immediately, but other users can chime in and help too. You can visit the community on my help centre here:

Thomas Fitzgerald Photography Community

I’m still in the process of setting it up, so there aren’t many topics there yet, but feel free to use it. I will be adding more topics and content to it if there’s interest, but it’s a good way to discuss things. It will be moderated though, so be nice!

Some Random Images

Before I was taken out of action, I did have an interesting shoot. I keep dusting off my old cameras, and heading out to shoot with them, and I took some photos during the first really warm sunny day here in Dublin last weekend. I headed out wth my original Canon 5D. I’m still amazed by how well the images from that camera hold up compared to todays offerings.

What’s more, you can get them really cheap now. I was trying to sell mine, but the average asking price has dropped to €299 and so it just wasn’t worth it. If you want to get into full frame shooting, and don’t mid some of the limitations, It’s a great deal. Coupled with a 50mm 1.8 you can get a great full frame camera for around €400. Maybe even less if you look around. Anyway, here are a few shots from my excursion with the camera. Incidentally, these have almost no processing done to them. They are just converted in Lightroom, with a few minor tweaks to exposure, and contrast, but otherwise, straight fromt the camera.

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