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A Guide to All of My Guides! (Fuji & Sony Guides & Future Plans)

A Guide to All of My Guides! (Fuji & Sony Guides & Future Plans)

Over the past few years, the one topic I’ve covered more than any other here on the blog, and in published form, is the subject of Processing Fuji Raw files. I’ve published several eBooks about Processing Fuji raw files in various software. I’ve also written a guide on how to get the best out of processing Sony A6000 files in Lightroom. Over the past few months I’ve updated all of my current Fuji guides so that they are up to date for 2019. This included free updates to three of the guides, and one new edition. The exception is my old Iridient Developer guide, which I will no longer be supporting (more on that below)

As there have been different versions, and as I have several guides, I wanted to outline what is what, just to make it clear, and to give you an outline for those who may be unfamiliar with individual eBooks.

Workflow and Settings For Processing Fuji X-Trans images in Lightroom

Processing Fuji X-Trans Images in Lightroom

This guide looks at the many aspects of processing Fuji X-Trans images in Lightroom. It talks about what makes the X-Trans sensor unique, and how that affects post-processing. It discusses working with RAW and JPEG files in Lightroom and shows some strategies for managing both.

It also looks at how to get the best out of Fuji RAW files in Lightroom. It shows you how to mimic Fuji’s film simulations, and how to match Fuji’s dynamic range settings. Finally, it covers sharpening X-Trans files in Lightroom and how to minimise artefacts and reduce some of the issues around Lightroom’s conversion of Fuji Raw files.

This is now at Version 1.8, which will be the last version of this edition. I am currently working on a second edition of this guide, which will be a new book (there will be no more free updates to this current guide).

Fuji Jpegs: Shooting and Processing Guide

In this guide, we will take a look at the various in-camera settings that you can change on a Fuji x-series camera and how these changes will affect your output when shooting JPEGs. We also look at various other tips and tricks for shooting JPEGs as well as discussing some useful techniques for post-processing JPEGs, which can sometimes require a different approach than you would take when working with RAW.

This is currently at Version 1.2

Processing Fuji X-Trans Files with Iridient X-Transformer and Lightroom

This guide is designed to help you understand and get the best results from using Iridient’s X-Transformer Software in Conjunction with Lightroom to process Fuji X-Trans raw files. While it may seem like a simple application, the number of parameters available make for a lot of possible options when using it. This guide aims to provide you with a roadmap through those options, and provided you with some recipes to get you started with the software.

This is now at version 1.6.


As the three guides above mostly deal with working with Lightroom (in terms of the main software) they are also available together as a bundle called “TheFuji X-Trans Lightroom Bundle”

Processing Fuji Raw files in Capture One 12

This is a new guide for Capture One. The old guide was discontinued some months ago, and the new guide is a rewrite and a significant change. It’s available now, and is currently at version 1.0

Processing Fuji Raw files in Capture One 12 is an eBook guide written to provide Fuji shooters with enough knowledge to get the best results when working with Fuji RAW files in Capture One.

While processing Fuji RAW files in Capture One no longer requires a significantly different workflow to using RAW files from other cameras, there are still some idiosyncrasies with Fuji files and some things that require specific techniques. This guide outlines those, and also some of the other areas that will help when working with Fuji RAW files.

Processing Fuji Raw files in Capture One 12 Currently at Version 1.0

Iridient Developer Guide Discontinued

My Iridient Developer guide is no longer being updated. The reason for this is that there has been a significant falloff in interest in this over the past year and also there has been a significant amount of time since the software has received a major update. If there is a major 4.0 release of the software, I may reconsider, and do a new version, but if so it will be a second edition and not a free update. I will continue to make the eBook available for the rest of the year at least and then see what happens in 2020.

Sony A6000 Guide Discontinued

I have gone back and forward on this decision, but I have decided to also discontinue my Sony A6000 guide. The reason for this is that it is getting old, and the number of issues sold don’t justify a new version, as it is specific to a single camera model. Also, the A6000 has now been discontinued by Sony so it doesn’t make sense to release a new version. I am working on future plans to do more coverage for Sony shooters though. It is still available for the next two months but will be taken offline then.

Future update plans

As with all things, my plans for future versions of these guides depends on a number of factors, including the development of software etc. For now though, here is a rough guide to what I have in mind:

  • Fuji Lightroom Guide: This will probably no longer get free updates, and a 2nd edition is in the planning stage. I have no time frame for this yet, but hopefully some time this year (2019).
  • Fuji Jpeg Guide: This will continue to receive free updates.
  • X-Transformer Guide: This will depend on future updates to the software itself. I am considering combining this with the Lightroom guide for its second edition.
  • Capture One Guide: As this is only just released, I will continue to provide free updates as long as it makes sense to do so. This will depend on how many changes there are in version 13, but unless there are major changes, I will continue to update it through the 13 release cycle. This may change if version 13 is significantly different, or affects the information in the guide.
  • Sony/Generic Capture One Guide: The existing Capture One Fuji guide was well received, and people have asked me for a Sony version, so I’m currently working on that. I may also release a generic one for other camera makers.

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