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Capturing Autumn in Dublin City on the Sony A6000

I’ve said many times on this site that Autumn is my favourite time of the year for photography. I’m sure this is the case for may photographers out there. The combination of colour and light make for some beautiful scenery. It’s well and truly into winter now and I thought I’d look back on the lovely fall season that we’ve just had. Here in Dublin we’ve had a beautiful Autumn. It was very warm and we were blessed with some lovely sunny days. It certainly made the season even more beautiful here in Ireland.

My Sony A6000 Import and Calibration Settings and Presets for Lightroom

I’ve been using the little Sony A6000 now for almost a year and it’s a great little camera for the price. One of the things that had been frustrating me however is that I always found that I wasn’t quite satisfied with the look of the raw files when processed in Lightroom. To me, the colours never looked quite right, and so I set about doing something about it. Having shot lots of test shots on multiple cameras for comparison, I’ve developed two approaches to addressing my concerns. First, I tweaked the default white balances, and second, I tweaked the calibration settings in Lightroom to come up with what I believe is a more pleasing look.