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Street Photography Diary Number 11

Welcome to my first street photography diary post of 2016. I've had a relatively productive start to the year, photography wise. I seem to be getting my groove back when it comes to street photography, well a little anyway. There's been some great light here in Dublin in January, and that always helps. The crazy roadworks continue too, but they're making things even more interesting, especially now that they've started laying tracks for the tram system upgrades.

All of my Fuji X-Trans Sharpening Presets for Lightroom in One Place

Over the past few years I’ve written a lot about processing Fuji X-Trans files in both Lightroom and other software. I’ve experimented lots of times with ways to improve the look of files from Lightroom, and in particular, on how to minimise the smearing effect that can sometimes occur with Fuji X-Trans files and fine details, especially foliage. I’ve worked out some sharpening settings in the past and posted them here, but that was a good while ago, and I’ve updated them several times with various different attempts. In order to save a bit of confusion and make it easier for everyone, I’ve put them altogether into one download, together with some new versions that I haven’t shared in the past.

Street Photography Diary No. 5

I was back out shooting some street photos in Dublin this past weekend, and I had a great time doing it. It's been a bit of a challenge shooting street photography in the city here recently because of the massive amount of road and construction work going on. Basically they're extending one of the city's existing tram lines, which originally terminated at the south side of the city centre, to cross right through the heart of Dublin, and out the other side.

I'm really enjoying the combination of Fuji X-Trans + Capture One

I’ve been using Capture One to process my X-Trans files more and more lately. I had posted some initial findings before about this, and since then, Capture One has pretty much become my standard application for processing files from my X-E1. I’m really happy with how the software performs, and it does a really good job with Fuji’s files. Not only does it produce nice and sharp artifact free images, but the colour is really great too, even without having to do anything.