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Light as a Sense Memory

One of the interesting things that I've noticed after years of Photography, is that certain types of light act as a sense memory to me. In much the same way that a smell can trigger a memory for many people, I find that seeing a certain quality of light often triggers memories and feelings of nostalgia. 

Loving the Light

A lot of the time when I'm out photographing, I take pictures that, while not exactly the most fascinating subjects, I still like to take. Sometimes, there's something about an otherwise bland scene that I really like, and it's usually to do with the way the light is falling in the scene. Sometimes people don't get what I see in a scene, and that's ok. Not every photo has to be a masterpiece, and not every photo has to be art gallery worthy.  Photography is, of course, all about light, and sometimes I love an image because of the way the light interacts with whatever is in the scene.

Winter Light

I love how the light changes throughout the seasons. Every season has it's own quality of light, and it makes images taken during that time unique. It also depends on where you are in the world, as different latitudes, and even different places on the same latitude can have differing characteristics to the light. Here in Ireland, because we're fairly far north, our seasons vary dramatically throughout the year. While not as much as countries like Norway, we do get significantly different light in winter than we do in summer.