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Performance Issues in Lightroom 2015.7 ?

Ever since upgrading to the latest version of Lightroom, I’ve noticed that the software has been running much slower for me than it had been previously. At first I thought it was something to do with my computer, but I checked it out out on my Laptop, and it seems to be having some issues too.

How to Improve Performance in Lightroom CC / 6 and Possibly Stop Crashes

I've been having some issues with Lightroom's performance on my mac for a while now. Coupled with some recent crashing, my frustration levels were beginning to rise. However, after a little research and some trial and error, I've managed to stop the crashing, and speed the application up a bit. While these techniques may well be familiar to you, I'm writing about them anyway should someone be having a similar problem and not be aware of what to do.