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The Photo Geek Show Episode 2: Classic Cameras & PhotoBooks

The second episode of my new weekly YouTube series is now online on my channel. After thinking about it I've decided to call it "The PhotoGeek Show". Someone had suggested "PhotoGeek Weekly" but I know there is a good chance I won't get this out every week. Anyway, this week's episode came together nicely. I look at my collection of classic cameras, show you a nerdy Lightroom and Photoshop trick, and talk about B-Roll and Photo Books. 

K&F Travel Tripod Review

Sometimes I think a tripod is like a good pair of shoes. While anyone that fits will do for walking around, you really need to find the right one for you in order to be comfortable with it. I have three different tripods, all of which work perfectly fine, but none are exactly comfortable. With that in mind, I’ve been looking for something that fits my needs a little better, so when the folks at K&F sent me a tripod to review I thought that this was a combination of good timing and good fortune, as I wanted to try out this exact type.

Handmade Camera Strap from Etsy

I recently decided to get a new camera strap for my old film camera. By new, I really mean: "one in the first place" as it has been without a strap for some time since I "borrowed" the one that came with it for something else. I wanted something that fitted the retro nature of the camera, and I also wanted something fairly minimal. So I decided to try and have a look on Etsy, and what I found was a lovely piece of hand made craftsmanship.