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Some Observations on the Canon 5DS and 5DS R

On Friday Canon announced the company’s newest DSLR offerings, the much rumoured Eos 5DS and 5DS R cameras. The new versions of Canon’s long running 5D line have been making waves in the photography community for their headline feature, their new 50mp sensor. I won’t go into all the specifications and technical details on the cameras, as that’s been covered in great detail by photography news sites...

Why Megapixels and Pixel Peeping may soon be important

If there are two longly held axioms in the photography community, at least on the internet, it's that Megapixels don't matter, and Pixel Peeping is something to be frowned upon. I personally disagree with these two ideals to an extent, but in the near future, those who are absolute in their condemnation of of pixel peeping or the merits of more megapixels are going to have to re-think their objections. Soon there will be a very real reason why megapixels matter, and soon, we're all going to be pixel peeping.