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Street Photography Diary: Issue 14

I never know how to start these Street Photo diary posts. Should I come up with some philosophical observation on the society that I'm documenting? Should I talk about the gear that I used? Should I wax lyrical about the importance of this or that photographic ideology? I just don't know. At the end of the day, much of the images that I take for these street photo diary series are shots I took for me, because I like some aspect of the scene, or I see a story unfolding that looks like it could be interesting.

Recent Street Photography No. 2

Ive been out shooting some more street photography lately. I like shooting the street genre as it allows me to both get practice, but also try out various shooting styles, although I try and not take it too seriously. Most of what I shoot is on the streets of Dublin City for part of my ongoing art project “The Streets of Dublin”. Over the past few weeks I’ve been both out shooting some more, and also sorting through my library, and collecting all the street shots into one collection.