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Possible Lightroom Classic Preview Bug and How to Fix It

This is a super quick tip for Lightroom classic users. Over the past while, something has been bothering me about Lightroom. When working on images, especially in the develop module, I noticed that the display seemed soft, and if you looked closely you could see some scaling artefacts. This hadn’t always been the way, and I couldn’t figure out if it was a recent version that brought it back, but it had been driving me mad. It turns out the solution was really simple.

Lightroom Preset Gradient Bug

When Adobe upgraded the preset system in Lightroom 7.3, they introduced a bug into the way the software handles gradient selective adjustments in presets. Previously, if you used a grad as part of a preset, it would maintain the correct position regardless of the image orientation. However, after 7.3, grads now rotate if you apply a preset containing a grad depending on whether the image is portrait or landscape.

Sony Lightroom Bug and a Possible Work Around. Sort of.

The other day I posted a possible work around for an annoying Lightroom bug that had been frustrating me. When working with Sony ARW files, when you move from one image to another in the develop module, it can sometimes take seconds (sometimes 10 or more) before moving the sliders have any effect. The not really a solution, solution, that I offered was to wait till the Auto button enabled before trying to edit. Well, after a bit more research, I think I’ve found the source of this issue.

Nasty Lightroom Memory leak

I’ve been plagued by a nasty bug in the latest version of Lightroom on the Mac. It’s affected me several times now, and the same action triggers it, so it’s not a a random one off. On top of that I’ve read similar stories online from people with similar issues. Basically, every so often, when you open the import window, the memory usage of Lightroom goes through the roof and the application becomes frozen. If you don’t force quit the application quickly after this happens, the entire system hangs.