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Autumn Gold

Autumn is now in full flow and it really is my favourite time of the year for photography. The Autumn light in Ireland is beautiful. The slow change of the seasons starts to bring a warm and golden light to the country as the sun is lower and lower in the sky. Throughout the season this effect becomes more and more profound. Combined with the colours this can make for some great Photography. 

Street Photography Diary Number 10

I had thought that I didn't really have any new street photography shots for the last little while, until I was going through my library in Lightroom and discovered a whole shoot that I had forgotten about. With all my travel in December I hadn't fully gone through the shots from a photo walk I took through Dublin in November and I'd completely forgotten about it. 

On the road in London

I've been travelling a bit for the last few days and I got to spend some time in London. I've only been in London a few times before and every time I've enjoyed it (well, except tat one time I wasn't well) . This time we decided to stay on the south bank and we had a lovely time. The weather was very mild, and it only rained once. It has been very warm for this time of year, ranging between 12-14 degrees Celsius. We only had a few days, but we managed to pack in as much as possible, including an incredible tour of the BBC and a trip to the top of the Shard. Of course, I took as many photos as possible!