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Capturing Autumn in Dublin City on the Sony A6000

I’ve said many times on this site that Autumn is my favourite time of the year for photography. I’m sure this is the case for may photographers out there. The combination of colour and light make for some beautiful scenery. It’s well and truly into winter now and I thought I’d look back on the lovely fall season that we’ve just had. Here in Dublin we’ve had a beautiful Autumn. It was very warm and we were blessed with some lovely sunny days. It certainly made the season even more beautiful here in Ireland.

Street Photography Diary No. 7: Autumn in the City

Autumn has begun in earnest here in Dublin city, and the city trees are starting to turn form the rich summer green to the beautiful gold of Autumn. Not only are the trees changing, but the light is too. I love the Autumn light. Being relatively far north here in Ireland, the Autumn and winter months bring a lower Sun which gives it a warmer colour and longer, more dramatic shadows.