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Autumn Colours in the Sunshine

There was finally a little break in the rain on Saturday so I had a chance to get out with my camera to capture some of the beautiful Autumn colours that can be seen around Dublin at the moment. Autumn is my favourite time of the year and I love capturing the spectacle of the Autumn foliage. I took my 5DII with me and only brought my 50mm and 100mm macro lenses. I wanted to try and get some nice bokeh in the sun and I think I got some nice shots. The 5D captures bright sun really well, and seems to handle shooting into the sun quite well. I took the Luas (tram) into the city centre and started my impromptu photowalk around the canal area. The canal which was still pretty green only a few weeks ago is now pretty much all golden, but it is pretty beautiful to look at. It was a beautiful day too, although it was cold.

I love how this shot (above) came out. It's a great contrast and some lovely bokeh. And this was with a super cheap 50mm 1.8 lens

I love the colours on this shot (above). The rich reds are beautiful.

Yellow fallen leaf standing up in the grass

I took this shot with my Canon Macro lens which is probably the single sharpest lens I own.

I love when you find a little shaft of light like this just illuminating a small little section of a scene.

It's always good to end with a little lens flare!

If you like these you can see the full set here on my Image Library. I have some more Autumn images from around the place so I'll have some more posts soon.

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