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Shooting Cherry Blossom (With the X-Pro 2)

It was a beautiful spring day in Dublin today, so I went for a walk through the park to shoot the cherry blossoms with my Fuji X-Pro 2. I also wanted to try out something new, (well, technically old), that I got, so I filmed the whole thing. I acquired an old GoPro (first generation) so I decided to do a kind of Vlog style (kind of) video and I so I set about recording my progress with a GoPro mounted on the Camera’s hot shoe.

A Walk in the Garden

There's a beautiful walled garden in the park near where I live. The park itself, Dublin's Marley Park, is a former stately home and grounds, and it's kept its walled garden which is now open to the public. As well as an array of flowers and plants, it's also home to a garden school and has lots of herbs and vegetables on show too. As with all gardens it's a constantly changing and beautiful living entity in and of itself, and I love going there to photograph.

Summer Flowers - Sony A6000 with Nikon 24-120

When I wrote recently about trying out Nikon lenses on the Sony A6000, I noted at what a difference it made compared to Sony lenses that I own. Well, as I have quite a bit of Nikon glass, I tried shooting again with one of my best Nikon lenses, the 24–120 f/4. The 24–120 is a great lens. Not only is it quite sharp, but it has great colour and light transmission, and images from it always look gorgeous. There are some really nice and unusual flowers in the local park here in Dublin, so I decided to try out the combination to see what kind of results I would get.