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New Year Photography Plans and Goals

At the start of the new year, I like to outline some of my photography related goals and plans for the upcoming year. Some of these are aspirational, and some are more practical. Many won’t get accomplished, but its still a useful exercise to write things down. While some are more longer term goals, I also have a couple of more short term projects that I want to talk about too.

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy new year and a great 2019. I have been a little behind with updates for the last few months for personal reasons, but I hope to be back to full power and full steam ahead for January.

New Year Photography Goals

It's that time of the year again, when the excitement of the new year is still fresh and I decide to make lots of resolutions for myself that I invariably won't actually keep. Ok, I'm kidding.... well, sort of. I did actually keep some of my resolutions last year, but this time, instead of resolutions as such, I'm setting myself some photography related goals to achieve throughout the year. Most of these are just ideas, that I've jotted down. Even if they never actually happen, it can be helpful to think out loud like this, even if it's just to give yourself some direction.