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Video: Photographing Autumn in Dublin City

In this video I went for a wander with my camera around Dublin City to show that you don’t need to go to the countryside to photograph the wonders of Autumn. If you live in a city there’s plenty of Autumn colours and scenes all around you. If you liked my “Street Photo Diary” series, this is basically the same formulae only without the street photography!

Alternative Workflows: Working with Your Camera’s Own Software

While there’s no doubt that working with photo workflow software such as Lightroom or Capture One has changed the way most people work with photos, there are still people who prefer the old fashioned way of doing most of their processing in Photoshop. For some, the Bridge/Photoshop workflow is still their preferred method of work. Another method that is sometimes used is to work with the software supplied with your camera as a starting point, and then finish in Photoshop. For those used to working in Lightroom, this approach may appear clunky, but it does have some advantages. Lately I’ve been giving this workflow a try, and here are my thoughts.

A few more Nikon Z-Series Notes

After the initial hype (and the corresponding outpouring of disappointment and scorn) lots of details have begun to emerge about Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras, and there are a couple of interesting tidbits that I came across. So here are a few notes in no particular order.

Introducing “The Photography Geek Show” (Or something similar)

I’ve been plugging away at my YouTube channel for a while now, and I had this idea for something that I wanted to try, but it’s taken me some time to get it together. I have lots of different bits and pieces that I do, and I have a few different “series”, such as “Street Photo Diary”. Instead of all these disparate threads, I wanted to try and create one good video a week. With that in mind, here is the first episode of that new series. For the moment I’m calling it “The Photography Geek Show” although that may change. I’m open to suggestions!

Autumn Gold

Autumn is now in full flow and it really is my favourite time of the year for photography. The Autumn light in Ireland is beautiful. The slow change of the seasons starts to bring a warm and golden light to the country as the sun is lower and lower in the sky. Throughout the season this effect becomes more and more profound. Combined with the colours this can make for some great Photography. 

Thoughts on the new Nikon D850

When Nikon pre-announced the D850 a little while ago, I was filled with a mix of excitement and a sense of trying not to get my hopes up. I have long been an owner of the Nikon D700, which was Nikon’s first model in this style of full frame smaller body cameras. I love the D700 and I still use it all the time, but it’s starting to show its age. I really want a high resolution camera for landscape and nature work, but I also want one that does video. I had hoped when the rumours started of the D850, that Nikon would come out with something similar to the Sony A7RII. I was not disappointed.

Some Thoughts on Shooting with a D800

As I mentioned last week, I had recently borrowed a friends Nikon D800 to try it out. I’ve long had a D700 and it is one of my favourite cameras of all time. While the D800 is getting old now, and a generation behind, I was still curious to use it. Shooting it was an interesting experience and I thought I would share a few random thoughts on using it. So, in no particular order, here are some of my findings. 

Trying out a Nikon D800 - Part 1: Video

I recently had the opportunity to borrow a friend’s Nikon D800. While the D800 is an older camera now at this stage, I was keen to try it out, as I love my D700 and I wanted to see how it performed. I had borrowed it before, but not for as long. The lat time I had it I had shot a very short sequence of video, and I was impressed. This time I wanted to shoot a bit more video and see how good it was, more for curiosity than anything.

My Dream Nikon Camera

With Photokina just around the corner, and with most of the major manufacturers probably going to announce new cameras, I’ve been thinking about what my ideal camera would be. Without getting into brand wars and camera maker loyalty, I am particularly keen to see what Nikon will announce. They’ve been on a roll lately with the D500 and the D5 and considering that the D810 and D750 starting to look a little old, an announcement might be on the cards.

(From the Photography Geek)

X-Pro 2 Diary: Trying adapted Lenses

As I only have a limited set of lenses for my X-Pro 2 at the moment, so I have been keen to try some of my other glass on the camera via adaptors. The X-Pro 2 has some nice focusing aids, and I have some interesting lenses, so I wanted to see what kind of results I could get. Lens adaptors can actually be quite expensive, depending on the brand, but there are cheaper options available. As this was more of an experiment than anything, I went with some of the cheaper adaptors that available. 

Street Photography Diary Number 10

I had thought that I didn't really have any new street photography shots for the last little while, until I was going through my library in Lightroom and discovered a whole shoot that I had forgotten about. With all my travel in December I hadn't fully gone through the shots from a photo walk I took through Dublin in November and I'd completely forgotten about it. 

On the road in London

I've been travelling a bit for the last few days and I got to spend some time in London. I've only been in London a few times before and every time I've enjoyed it (well, except tat one time I wasn't well) . This time we decided to stay on the south bank and we had a lovely time. The weather was very mild, and it only rained once. It has been very warm for this time of year, ranging between 12-14 degrees Celsius. We only had a few days, but we managed to pack in as much as possible, including an incredible tour of the BBC and a trip to the top of the Shard. Of course, I took as many photos as possible!

Random Acts of Photography: Dublin Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Random Acts of Photography” post. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been a bit slow at updating the website lately due to personal reasons. I’ve been busy working on some stuff behind the scenes though, including my next Fuji X guide, and as I was looking through some images in my Lightroom catalogue, I found a nice collection of images from my home city of Dublin, so I thought I’d share some of those.

Sony A6000 with Nikon Glass

When I was shooting a lot with my Sony NEX–7, before it died on me, I would occasionally use Nikon lenses on it, with a Novaflex adaptor. I really liked the results, but I didn’t do it that often, because personally, I found that the process of manual focussing was a little to awkward for my style of shooting. Even with the great focus peaking feature (which isn’t always accurate unfortunately), it just wasn’t worth it for the amount of times I wanted to do it. With my newer A6000, I had put off trying to shoot with Nikon lenses because of this, but I recently took the opportunity to try it out, and boy, what a difference.

Trying out a Friend’s Nikon D800

Recently I had an opportunity to try out a friends Nikon D800 and I’ve been wanting to write about the experience ever since. I realise that the D800 is a few years old now and has been superseded by the D810, but as the camera is selling for quite a reasonable rate second hand now, I thought some people may still be interested. This isn’t going to be a review as such, but rather a personal take on what it was like to use it.