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I’m on Patreon

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just launched a Patreon Membership Page. For a while now, people have been asking me for a way to support the site and the things that I do, and while I’ve had a great response to the eBooks and Presets that I publish, they’re not for everyone. aWith that in mind, I wanted to create a way for anyone who wants to support my photography writing, and the research that I do, in a reasonable way. 

Introducing the new “Photography Geek” website

Before I started this blog, I used to write about Apple and technology on various blogs. It was in a typical old fashioned blog style, where it was a mix of links to news articles that I found interesting, with some commentary added by me on things that I found to be comment worthy. I stopped doing it a long time ago, but I’ve missed the experience. Over the past few years, I’ve been thinking about doing something in this kind of format about photography.

Upcoming E-Book Projects

In keeping with my earlier post today, I wanted to share some of the other projects I'm working on. Specifically in terms of the e-book guides I've published recently. I currently have two guides out for Processing X-Trans files in Lightroom and Capture One respectively. I'm currently working on a third guide as well as some updates. 

I'm on Apple News

If you've updated to iOS 9 and you're using the new Apple News app, you can now get this blog's content in Apple News. For the moment Apple News is only officially available in a very few select countries, but I'm assuming it will roll out to more soon. There's a very simple work around to get the application if you want ti though. You simply need to set your iPad's region to USA and Language to US English, and reboot your iPad (or iPhone). Once you do that you will see the news App.

Photo Wander


I’ve started a little experiment that I wanted to share with you. I’m working on some tutorials on how to photoblog, and as part of my research I’ve been trying out various platforms. One service that was missing from my repertoire was a blog. Unlike a self hosted Wordpress installation, a blog is fully hosted, and is kind of more like Tumblr. I was curious to see how the platform worked, and how it differed from a self hosted Wordpress install, so I set up a blog to test it out. The blog in question is called Photo Wander

Some Recent Lightroom Tips from the Lightroom Diary

If you’re a Lightroom user and you haven’t checked out my companion site “The Lightroom Diary” recently, then you may have missed some of the quick tips I’ve been posting. I’ve been adding some new material to the Lightroom focussed blog lately including some tips and tricks for all levels, from beginners to non-beginners. Here are some of the ones that I’ve posted recently that you might want to check out:

Recent Photos from my iPhone Photography Blog

I wrote a while ago about my new iPhone Photography blog, and so far it seems to be going well. More importantly, it’s been encouraging me to shoot more with my phone. I’ve been using any available opportunity to get shots for the blog, and it’s proving an interesting experience. If you haven’t stopped by and checked it out already, you can see it at The Photography Geek site, which is on Tumblr (so if you’re a Tumblr user, please follow me)