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Curating and Posting to Instagram from Lightroom

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Instagram. I go through periods of wanting to put the effort into it and then wondering if its worth the effort. On the one hand, it’s the platform of choice at the moment for photographers, whether you like that or not. On the other hand, ever since Facebook took over and started integrating its algorithm, I now only see a fraction of the posts from the people I follow, which is infuriating. However, I’ve decided to give it one more push before I give up. With that in mind, I was researching various techniques and tips for growing the platform, and I’ve come across some interesting ideas.

Editorial: (Un) Social Media

We’re constantly being told that social media is the key to running any good online presence, especially for artists an creators. As a photographer, I’m constantly reading articles about how important social media is, and how you need to grow your followers and constantly post or your online presence will wither and die. Even if you’re not a professional, social media has become so pervasive in our online lives that it’s fair to say that a large part of the internet is dependent on it.