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Street Photo Diary: Issue 29 - Autumn is coming

I’ve said on my blog many times that Autumn is my favourite time of the year for photography. This isn’t just about the wonderful colours of the falling leaves. It’s also abut the Autumn light, and here in Ireland it’s already starting to be noticeable. In this issue of my on-going street photo diary series, I look at images shot on a sunny Autumn day in Dublin city, taken with a Fuji X-Pro 2 and  18-55mm lens.

Street Photo Diary, Issue 27: Walking with a purpose

A few weeks ago, I was up and out early into the city to shoot some things for my Streets of Dublin project, and while I was there I ended up shooting a lot of street photography too. What was funny though was that, as it was early in the morning, people were heading to work and the mood was quite different from how it is later in the day. For a start everyone was walking with haste and with a real sense of purpose.


Street Photo Diary Issue 26

It’s been another month, and so it’s time for another issue of my Street Photo Diary series. Every time I do one of these I always end up having difficulty coming up with an intro for the piece. Having just watch “The Big Bang Theory” and Sheldon’s “Fun With Flags, behind the flag, a retrospective” I’m tempted to do a humorous take on that, but instead, something else occurred to me.

I attempt a Street Photography Vlog

I really want to start doing more video and in particular I want to do a series of vlog style videos. I’ve been putting it off out of fear, and general procrastination, but yesterday I finally got around to making my first attempt. I won’t call it a resounding success because a lot of things didn’t exactly go according to plan, but it turned out reasonably well all things considered. I consider this as a learning exercise. A beta version if you will.

Street Photo Diary: Issue 22 - Brussels Edition

I’ve been travelling for the last few days, and I’m in Brussels, in Belgium. I’ve been here quite a few times and I know my way around quite well now. I usually photograph the sights and the buildings, but this time, as I was only here for a short trip, I spent my photo taking opportunity shooting street photography instead. 

Street Photography Diary: Issue 16

Summer has come to Ireland, and unusually we're having a prolonged spell of good weather. The up side of that, for the photographer is that with it comes some really nice light, at least if you know where to look. The other advantage, well for me anyway, is that it makes me get out. I fond it hard to look outside and see the beautiful sunshine, and not take my camera and go outside.

Street Photography Diary: Issue 15

It's been a while since I've done one of these Street Photo diary posts. The last one was in March and it's now may. I haven't been doing as much street photography as I would like lately. For one, I was focussing on some writing, and getting my Iridient Developer book out. Secondly, because of all the lovely nature blooming around the city and the surrounding areas, I've been doing a lot more nature photography. I finally took my camera back to the streets recently though, and set about capturing the life around me.

Street Photography Diary: Issue 14

I never know how to start these Street Photo diary posts. Should I come up with some philosophical observation on the society that I'm documenting? Should I talk about the gear that I used? Should I wax lyrical about the importance of this or that photographic ideology? I just don't know. At the end of the day, much of the images that I take for these street photo diary series are shots I took for me, because I like some aspect of the scene, or I see a story unfolding that looks like it could be interesting.

Street Photography Diary No. 9

As Autumn becomes winter here in Dublin, I've been back out taking more street photography. The centre of the city is still a construction zone and will be for some time. That has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it offers some interesting opportunities for photography, but on the other hand, it makes moving around the city difficult, and it reduces the room you have when trying to frame things. Of course limitations can sometimes be a benefit too, and so I've tried to use the limited space as an advantage rather than a limitation whenever I could.