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Street Photography Diary No. 8

Here's the latest in my series of Street Photography diary posts. I'm not going to talk too much about this one, and just let the pictures speak for themselves. This is also going to be a shorter collection than usual. The changing light here as we are now deep into winter provides some great opportunities for shadows and warm autumn light. While you might generally consider Autumn a time for nature and landscape photography, the beauty of the season works for other types too. I just love the Autumn light here in Ireland, as the Sun is low, The shadows are long and everything has a golden hue. 

Street Photography Diary - No.6. Black and White Edition

I've been kind of in a rut lately when it comes to shooting street photography. I've been doing the typical thing of blaming everything else. It's the weather (in fairness, it was) or it's the fact that there's roadworks everywhere in Dublin right now, but the truth of the matter is it's just me. Not one to be undeterred, I decided that to get my mojo back, I'd try something different. I do like black and white images, but lately I've been mostly shooting colour, so I decided to set my camera to black and white, and see what happens.