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Thinking of Switching to Capture One from Lightroom? Here’s what you need to know.

I’ve been covering Capture One for a while here on the blog, and it seems that there is more and more interest of late. However, often when I do cover it, I get comments or mail from people who complain that it doesn’t have this feature or that feature, and some are upset with me for not pointing this out. So I thought I would try and do as comprehensive as possible, a comparison between Lightroom ad Capture one, listing the pros and cons of each, as well as why I like it so much. 

The Lightroom Diary is Back in action

When I was having problems with this blog a little while ago, which caused me to move it to squarespace, it effected all my sites, including my recently launched Lightroom Diary blog. I had originally re-posted lots of content from here on the site so as to populate it but when I moved to squarespace, all the links got broken. It's been on my list to fix for a while, and it ended up taking a bit longer than I wanted, but I'm happy to say that it's finally back up and running, and there's already some new content on it.