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The Photo Geek Show Episode 2: Classic Cameras & PhotoBooks

The second episode of my new weekly YouTube series is now online on my channel. After thinking about it I've decided to call it "The PhotoGeek Show". Someone had suggested "PhotoGeek Weekly" but I know there is a good chance I won't get this out every week. Anyway, this week's episode came together nicely. I look at my collection of classic cameras, show you a nerdy Lightroom and Photoshop trick, and talk about B-Roll and Photo Books. 

Video: Street Photo Diary, Episode 2

They say the best way to learn is by making mistakes. Well, if that’s true, then I learned a lot making this video. I was in two minds whether to even share it or not, but in the end I was convinced to put it up, regardless. The video itself isn’t too bad, but I made some mistakes when shooting that I’m kind of embarrassed about. So here’s what happened…

Some more Fuji X-Pro 2 4K Tests

Since my initial testing of the X-Pro2 in 4K the other day, I’ve had a chance to do a little bit more shooting, and to do a comparison of the various film simulation modes. I’ve put together a compilation of clips of the same scene, using the various film simulation modes, and these are all ungraded and straight from the camera. 

Video: Fujifilm X100 Retro Review

I was recently discussing the original X100 with a friend on twitter, and we were talking about how it is still a really great camera, even though it does have a few limitations. With that in mind, I wanted to put together a little short retro review, so In this video, I take a look at the original “classic” Fujifilm X100. 

I attempt a Street Photography Vlog

I really want to start doing more video and in particular I want to do a series of vlog style videos. I’ve been putting it off out of fear, and general procrastination, but yesterday I finally got around to making my first attempt. I won’t call it a resounding success because a lot of things didn’t exactly go according to plan, but it turned out reasonably well all things considered. I consider this as a learning exercise. A beta version if you will.