About Thomas Fitzgerald

Thomas is a professional fine art photographer and writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing and street photography. 

Photo of the Day: Heron Wading Through A Stream

A Heron wades through a local stream carefully eying passers by while keeping a watchful eye on the water for food (Thomas Fitzgerald) This was an entirely chance encounter that I managed to capture by sheer force of luck. I was out for a walk and I happened to have my camera with me. I was walking over the little bridge which crosses this stream and I noticed this little (well, not so little really) guy staring back at me. We sort of stared each other down for a moment while I slowly reached for my camera. I tried to be4 as slow and as calm as possible and he kept eying me cautiously. I managed to get a few shots off before he started to back away. It really is a beautiful bird, and you would almost miss it it blends into the surroundings so well.

Taken on a Fuji X-Pro1 with 60mm Lens

Photo of the Day: Field of Wildflowers

Photo of the Day: Joggers in Marley Park