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A Walk In The Docklands Part 2

My photographic journey through the heart of Dublin's most modern city quarter continues where it left off yesterday….. statue on the Quays

I'm not entirely sure why this is, but it looks cool!


A boat moored on the north side of the river. Just at the edge of the frame you can see one of the most famous prominent buildings in the city, and one of the icons of the current economic downfall.


Another shot of the Samuel Beckett bridge. It really is a beautiful structure. Through the gap in the cable you can see the complete opposite of beautiful, and the most famous eye-sore in Dublin. So, a beauty and the beast kind of thing going on then!

bridge support for the sam beckett bridge

Supports for the bridge when it swings open to let ships through. At least I presume that's what they are. Either that or they're just channel markers.


Another shot of the Convention Centre.


I'm not obsessed with the bridge, honestly!


Looking back towards the city centre and the more recognisable parts of Dublin. As you can see the "summer" is starting to close in. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.


A group of tourists on a "Segway Tour" stop and get a valuable history lesson. Or an anecdote. Or maybe just driving instructions.


Dublin City, In living, albeit slightly enhanced, colour!


The same shot looks far more dramatic in Black and White.

Jeanie Johnston Up Close

The well bosom'd prow of the Jeanie Johnston


The famine remembrance statues on the North Quay.




Finishing on a happy note, rather than on a famine victim!

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip around one of the less frequented corners of our Capital City. All the shots here, like yesterday were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and either the 18mm or the 35mm Lens. I'll have prints of these available so check in the Docklands Gallery in the Image Library

Some Images taken with the Fuji 60mm and the X-Pro1

A Walk In The Dublin Docklands (And More Thoughts on the X-Pro1)