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On The Streets of Dublin with the Nex-7

Dame Street Following on from my first impressions post a few days ago, here's the results of just going out and shooting with the Sony. I wanted to concentrate on the pictures, and forget about "testing" or trying to find shots to show off detail etc. So I did some street shooting around the city centre of Dublin. It's funny, but I didn't used to be this keen on street photography, but ever since discovering the wonderful world of mirrorless cameras, I've been getting more and more into it. (Cue scolding comment from some random person about how nothing in photography is about the camera - yeah, whatever)

I'm still loving the Nex-7. It's just so easy to shoot with. It gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on your images. The only thing that was kind of difficult to get to grips with is the white balance, because the light was constantly changing, and always seemed to be in between cloudy and shade, or shade and sunny and so on. It's easy to fix in post, but I prefer to have it right in camera. It's not a fault of the camera, it's just a matter off getting used to what the camera's look is in the various presets. Every camera seems to be different it how it responds to certain white balance settings. Making a custom white balance is fairly easy too, which is very useful for video. Anyway, I don't want this to be too technical a post, and instead, let it be about the images and letting them speak for themselves.

So here we go...


People walking in Temple Bar


I love the sign on the wall, and I love the colours of the wall too.


Speaking of that sign!



I love the colours and the old pram outside this shop in Temple Bar

shop in temple bar

Here's a wider shot of the same

multicoloured dustbins

Multicoloured dustbins.

Street Performer

A street performer in Temple Bar.

City Grunge

Random City Grunge

happy people

Look at all the happy people…..em…..

Supermacs Bunny

I should question the morality of using a giant bunny to sell fast food…but it makes for a good photo


Lunch Break


Tim Burton Fans?


Irish Summer over Dublin City


Obligatory Leprechaun Shot.



Monks on tour


Say, that's a nice bike!

Bird Fight Sequence

Real World First Impressions of the Sony Nex-7