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A Taste of Spring

A Taste of Spring

Moss Macro

There was a brief spell of sunshine in what has to be one of the longest and darkest winters I can remember in a long time. While Ireland has a reputation for a lot of rain, we generally have reasonably bright days in winter. This year though, the sun seems to have been in exile. It did make a brief appearance yesterday though, and for the first time it finally felt like spring. I took the opportunity to grab some shots of the effect of the fledgling season on some of the flora that grows in the riverside walkways near where I live.

Here is the sunlight shining on a patch of multicoloured moss

Multicoloured Ivy
Red Ivy

Obligatory Daffodil Shot !

Daffodil with rain drops

Fresh dew always makes a nice flower shot even nicer! Thanks nature!

Daffodil in Bright Sunshine
Fresh Buds

Ok, you're probably thinking, why the thorns shot, Thomas? Well, in a month or two this will be a thick bush that you wine even be able to see the branches on. And a few weeks ago it was completely bare. I am always fascinated by nature!

In case you were wandering, these were all shot on a Nex-7 with Sigma 30mm lens, and Processed in Aperture using my patented (well, ok, not really patented) Quick Lux presets for Aperture

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