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"Adventure on The City Streets" in Cinemascope

"Adventure on The City Streets" in Cinemascope


I've been working hard on some design projects this week, so I haven't had much time with my camera. However, I though I'd take a moment for a little light hearted humour to lighten the day...

Long time followers of this blog will know how much I love the cinemascope aspect ratio. It's great for giving movies a cinematic feel and it works great for stills too. I was out taking some photos on the streets of Dublin this past weekend, as my street photography skills had been getting a little rusty.


I didn't get a great range of images, but I was having a bit of fun in Lightroom and came up with a few shots that look like they could be stills from a movie. So here you go, some faux stills from my non existent City Streets movie with accompanying fake script notes. Sometimes you just have to not take things seriously! Enjoy. Dublin in Cinemascope

09:00 Old Buildings Early in the morning... A lone cyclist cycles past as an eery silence settles over the strangely empty city. That and it's a Saturday.


09:50 A strange looking Van parked on the side of the street, seemingly unoccupied


A suave character passes by the area. Could he be connected to the strange van? Could this be a secret spying operation?


The Tram Line Terminus. An important public transport hub, or the scene of a top secret operation? Ok, probably the former, but you never know.


Hmm, suspicious looking boats on the river. A secret smuggling operation? Because, lets face it, who would voluntarily get that close to the Liffey!


A busy street crossing. The perfect place to loose that tail. Cue sound of chase music....


Ah, the courier with the secret documents. Little does he know he's being watched. Actually, it was pretty obvious as it was a narrow lane way, and I was standing right there.


Evening in the city, as the hero and heroine finally meet.

Just another day in the city of ...em, let me think... well, em....people?

Yeah, I really need more sleep.... :-)

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