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Brussels in Steely Blue

Brussels in Steely Blue


I spent a week in the belgian capital of Brussels last week, and while I was there I did some cityscape and travel photography. I’ve been to Brussels a few times, and I’ve posted some shots of the city that I’ve taken before. My previous visits were all in winter though, and this was the first time that I got to visit the city when it was actually warm.

The main tourist destination in the city is The Grand Place. The unesco world heritage site of the central square houses the city hall which dates back to the 1400’s an many other old and wonderful buildings. It’s kind of a mish-mash of Architecture and the ground is covered in cobblestones. It’s an interesting subject to photograph. In the past, I’ve always been there without a zoom lens, as the previous trips weren’t really with the intention of taking photos. This time though, I brought my old reliable combination of Nikon D700 and 28–300mm lens. Despite the weight, this is a great combination for this kind of photography, as it allows you to get pretty much any kind of shot (bar ultra wide) without having to change lens. I had brought my Fuji X-E1 with me too, but all of these shots were taken with the D700.

I did the bulk of processing the raw files while I was in Brussels on my laptop using Lightroom and my “Steely Blue” set of Lightroom presets. Even before I released steely blue, I’ve pretty much always used some version of its prototype for these kind of shots. Most of my previous travel photography including my Oslo shots and my Vienna photos were all processed using versions of presets that later became my Steely Blue set.

Anyway, without further ado, here are a selection of photos from the shoot. Enjoy. (There’s more to come!)

Brussels Building tops in the Grand Place

Gold Statue


Church Gates
Statue of Queen
Gardens and Brussels Skyline

People in the square at the Grande Place

Brussels office Building

Girls and statues

Statues at the City Hall in the Grand Place, Brussels


Rooftop detail of City Hall in the Grand Place


Window Boxes


rooftops and bikes

Drug Opera


Golden Steeple

street light bike signs

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