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Introducing Texture Box One

Introducing Texture Box One

400 Grunge Textures for Photoshop

I'm very excited to announce a new product this morning. I've been planning and working on this for a long time, and so I'm delighted that it's finally ready for release. It's called "Texture Box One" and, to put it simply it's a huge pack of textures for dirtying up and ageing your images in Photoshop.

For the longest time I've been fascinated by textures. As a long time designer (in my other career) I have always used textures as design elements, as a way of makings something look more natural, and adding a layer of life to an image. Over the years I've collected numerous textures and used them extensively in design and animation as well as various photographic projects. But using the textures that I've found online and in stock libraries didn't cut it so I started creating my own library. I shot hundreds of images of grungy materials, such as concrete and stone, dirt and metal, and then I used my own process in photoshop to extract the necessary patterns into specific texture maps that can be easily added to a composition as layers in Photoshop, or any image editing software.

The Pack contains nearly 800mb of files consisting of 400 high resolution grunge textures designed to add dirt, grit scratches and dust to add to an image to create a distressed or artistically aged look. These textures can be used in Photoshop as a way to treat a photograph, or as part of a design project, to weather and age a design.

The textures have been hand crafted from photographs of textures (which are also included) and are in four main sets

Dirt Maps

The dirt maps contain black dirt marks on a white background. These are extracted from various photographic images and represent a variety of organic and natural patterns of dirt and grit for use as textures.

Scratch Maps

The scratch maps aren't really scratches, but are called that after the effect of dirt damaging a negative.

Dust Maps

Dust maps contain fine "dust like" patterns of noise and grit to add additional layers of texture to your images.

Photographic Textures

This set contains 100 of the original colour photographic textures that were used to create the dirt, scratch and dust maps.

Examples of the Textures in Use

Here are some examples of using the textures in photographic projects. Each of the images has been composited with multiple layers of textures from the pack.

If you're wondering what these images looked like before, here are the originals:

Texture Box One is available now on the Download store. The normal price will be €60 but for the next week there's a special Launch price of just €50. For more details, and to download a sample pack with a selection of full resolution images from Texture Box One, see the full product page on the store.

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