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Film Lux 3 Coming Soon

It’s been a while since I released any Lightroom presets, but I’m happy to share some details of the next set that I’m working on. It’s another edition of my long running FilmLUX series, and I’m actually fairly proud of these. I wanted to create something that closely matched the feel of real film, without being over the top. I actually went through a lot of iterations before I came to this, and so, this is probably one of the sets that I’ve worked on the most.

Two New Lightroom Preset Packs Coming Soon

I’ve been working on a few new Lightroom presets, and I have two new packs which are due for release pretty soon, hopefully this week. The two are “FilmLUX 2” and “Industrial Iron”. The first is a sequel to my Film Lux set of presets, and the second is the latest in my “metals” series. I have a sneak peek of these new sets, including some information about them below.