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Thomas is a professional fine art photographer and writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing and street photography. 

A Sneak Peek at Quick Lux for Lightroom

A Sneak Peek at Quick Lux for Lightroom


Here’s a sneak peek at my soon to be released second set of Lightroom Presets, “Quick Lux”. Like “Film Candy”, Quick Lux is a Lightroom version of one of my Aperture sets. Also, like the Film Candy, this won’t be a straight port, as the differences in the two applications make it very difficult to get the same results. Instead, Quick Lux for Lightroom will be based on the same ideals as the original Aperture version.

So what is Quick Lux ? The idea is to create a set of every day presets that you can quickly apply to get a good starting point (or even finishing point) for your images. Unlike Film Candy, Quick Lux is a more general purpose set of presets rather than a set of special effects. There are several main themes, each with numerous versions.

There are three different “negative” looks which have a film like response curve and some very slight tinting in the shadows and highlights, simulating the sense of using negative film. There are also three “Transparency” looks which have a stronger contrast curve, but no tinting, with a feel inspired by slide film. There is also a set of there “Chrome” looks which are inspired by high colour slide films, and a set of Quick Vivid looks which are inspired by traditional digital “Vivid” looks but with my own take on them. There is also three monochrome looks for black and white images as well as a bonus “Bleached bypass” look. Quick Lux will also come with the same “Thomas’s Toolbox” set of handy tools (Vignettes, and Grads etc) that came with Film Candy

Quick Lux should be available soon. I have all the presets finished, and I’m just working on the documentation and store listings.

As It's spring I thought I'd use some nice nature and landscape images for a change. Most of these were graded with a single application of one of the Quick Lux presets, with little or no additional tweaking. The samples below were all taken with my D700 and Sigma 70–200 lens. I’ll have some more examples soon when the set is ready for release.










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Photo of the Day: Angry Seagulls

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