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Quick Lux for Lightroom Now Available

Quick Lux for Lightroom Now Available


I'm very pleased to announce that after much work and going back and forth with various settings, my second set of Lightroom Presets is now available. Called "Quick Lux", it is another port from one of my Aperture sets. The idea behind Quick Lux is simple. I found myself applying the same set of adjustments to images over and over so I wanted a set of starting points that I could apply quickly that would get my images in the ball park before I took them further. And thus Quick Lux was born. The basic presets in Quick Lux were designed to be inspired by various types of film rather than try to emulate a specific type of film exactly. This isn’t an attempt to be a film simulator, but rather take cues from the days of film and use them as a base for your digital processing. It also includes a look based on modern digital photography too.

It's available now for €15 from the Store.

Here are a few examples. I have lots more (really, there's a lot) on the Product Page.




A Lone Red Tulip

The set takes inspiration from 5 main types of popular sources of photography. Negative Film, Positive Slide Film, Special High Saturation Transparency (Chrome) Film, Black and White Film, and modern Digital Vivid looks. It also includes a bonus bleached bypass look. Each of these categories comes with several variations of look, and within each look are variations to help speed up your workflow with options to push the shadows, pull the highlights or both.

I'm actually really proud of how Quick Lux for Lightroom turned out. I think it's much better and much more comprehensive than the Aperture version and that was always one of my most popular sets. Since I've finished the main design last week I've been using it on lots of different images, and it works a treat. To showcase how well it works I created a little video. You can find this on the store page too, but I've put it below for good measure.

I also tried it with some Fuji XE-1 Images that I pre-processed in Iridient Developer, and rendered out Flat, black to Lightroom, then applied some of the Quick Lux presets to. The results were much better than I was expecting. I'll have a tutorial soon on how to render images out flat from Irideint Developer (so you preserve the most amount of detail) but for now here are a few examples:




Tourists having a Carriage Ride through Dublin




Stay tuned over the next few days for some more examples and demos, or visit the store now to get your copy!

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