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Random Acts of Photography: New York City Edition

Random Acts of Photography: New York City Edition

New York Skyline

My most recent trip to New York City didn’t exactly go according to plan. My wife and I had set out to spend two weeks in the city last September, but things started to go wrong before we even got there. The first clue should have been when my wife got bronchitis just before we were about to fly. However, suitably drugged and on the mend we decided to go anyway. That turned out to be a bad idea.

As much as I love New York, it’s not the place you want to be with any kind of respiratory issue, especially when the weather is warm and the pollution is high. Of course, being cooped up in a plane for several hours on the way over meant that I inevitably wound up with the same illness. The two weeks we had planned to enjoy the city and take lots of pictures ended up being two weeks of coughing and barely venturing out of our hotel. Another doctors visit and several more rounds of drugs later we were both on the mend again, but the trip was pretty much ruined.

Still, we did manage to get out a little bit for a few days. Our hotel was just around the corner from the beautiful Bryant park and so we spent a lot of time there trying to get some fresh air. (Well, fresher than the recycled hotel air anyway). And one of the days when we were feeling really adventurous we managed to make it down to Greenwich Village (which nearly killed me, but anyway)

I’ve only ever really posted a few of the shots I took on the trip, (You can see some photos I took using VSCO Cam on my iPhone on this post) and I came across the folder in my Library recently, and I realised that I had more interesting shots than I had originally thought, so here are a few that caught my eye…

These were all shot on a combination of the Sony Nex-7 and a Canon 5D Mark II

Evening Sunshine in Bryant Park

Man Playing Chess in Bryant Park

A Sunny day on 5th Avenue, New York City

Looking up 5Th Avenue

Washington Square Park

Buildings in Greenwich Village

Grungy Parking Lot

The Empire State building and 5th Avenue as seen from the FLatiron District

The Flatiron Building

5th Avenue Crowds

NYC Street

Hot Dog Vendor in New York City

A Street Crossing in NYC

NYC Buildings

The Lion outside the New York City Public Library

Yellow Cab and Police Barriers

Outside a Flower Shop in New York City

Grand Central Station, New York City

Chrysler Building

People in Bryant Park

Empire State through the Trees of Bryant Park

4 Times Square Building

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